The Cushenbury facility employs 174 people and produces about 1.7 million tons of cement per year. It pays about 1.3 million per year in property taxes to San Bernardino County and 15 million per year in employee salaries. About 20 million is spent each year with High Desert suppliers for materials and services.

Mitsubishi Cement Corporation makes annual donations to 65 High Desert clubs and organizations and 23 Schools for more than 155 causes and events in the High Desert and surrounding mountain communities.

“We believe in being good neighbors,” said Mitsubishi Cement Vice President H.O.(Bud) Biggs. “We want to give back to the communities that we work in.”

L.V. Pool & Activities Center

The company has had the opportunity to help fund the new library expansion as well as playing a major part in the reconditioning of the community pool. Each year we enjoy participating in the local Tailgate Trick or Treat, Little League, and the Famous Roadrunner Worm Race. In 2006 the company President and Vice Presidents put together and funded Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Education Foundation, a non-profit foundation to support the local school district. Since it’s arrival in Lucerne Valley, the company has always taken an active part in the life of the community.

“We have many services and programs that we would not have if it were not for the effort Mitsubishi has made on our behalf,” said Retired Lucerne Valley High School Principal, Tom Hunter.

Mitsubishi also has an open-door policy. They have always invited the public and school groups in for tours of the entire plant. For tour information contact MCC Environmental Manager David Rib at (760) 248-5184.